A study of 13000 physicians - Idle capacity.

admin 02:07 PM, 1 Apr, 2014

Doctors spend 22% time on non-clinical paperwork.Recently a study of 13000 physicians showed that two-thirds of the health-care providers feel negatively about their profession and are dissappointed about the productivity of their professional engagements. "American doctors spend more than 22% of their time on nonclinical paperwork. That’s the equivalent of 165,000 doctors idling with busy work instead of seeing patients...." This was stated by Danielle Ofri (MD, PhD) in one of her articles.

Another study by Professor Van Laarhoven observed that only 20% of a nurse's shift is "quality-time" with their patients, interacting other than interventions, doing registration etc. The number is actually shocking. Apparently, there is not an easy solution for this phenomenon, but clearly, this will lead to a serious decline in the motivation and enthusiasm of the health-care community.

There is a need to discuss this issue on high level international forums of healthcare policy-makers, regulators and stake-holders. We may begin by ASKING about it from the doctors and nurses and LISTENING to their opinions and suggestions to find a quick solution to this global challenge.



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