Conference on Lung's Health in Karachi disusses latest developments.

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Chest Health and Education Society in collaboration with National TB Control Program and Stop-TB Partnership conducted its Annual conference on “Lung's Health and Tuberculosis” on the 7th and 8th of December 2013, at a local hotel in Karachi. Some of the leading practitioners and experts on Respiratory medicine and surgery presented insightful lectures during the sessions.

The Scientific Programme covered recent updates on topics of interest for Chest Physicians, Family Physicians, General Physicians, TB Control Doctors, Intensivists and Toracic Surgeons. The Pre-conference workships were held on the 6th of December to provide insights and research on topics like: MDR TB, Sleep Disorders, Pleuroscopy, Inhaler Techniques/ Oxygen Therapy and Spirometery.

The proceedings on Day-1 began with a welcome address by Chairperson Scientific Committee – Dr. Shahina Qayyum. Other guests during the inaugural session included; the President of Chest Health & Education Society – Professor Nadeem Rizvi, Chairperson Stop TB Pakistan – Prof. Masood Hameed Khan and Manager National TB Program – Dr. Ejaz Qadeer. The Key-note lecture on; Lung Health future was delivered by Prof. Javaid A. Khan.

Day-1 featured learned chairpersons and secretaries like; Dr. Zafar Ahmed, Dr Nausheen Saifullah, Dr. Nadeem Ahmed, Prof. Saulatullah Khan, Dr Faizullah Shafquat and Dr. Riaz Shah. Among the speakers in Session 1; Dr. Abdul Majeed Memon spoke on the Art of Practicing Pulmonology, Dr. Aftab Akhtar gave valuable updates in management of brochial asthma, Prof. Sohail Akhtar gave a new approach to management of Acute severe asthma, Dr. Nadeem Rizvi's topic was “Minimizing Exacerbation in COPD and Dr. Ashraf Ali Khan discussed the Rationale of antibiotic use.

While in Session 2; Dr. Naseem Salahuddin gave New perspectives in TB treatment, Dr Rumina Hasan talked about Diagnostic Challenges in TB / MDR-TB, Dr Khurshid uz Zaman explained New aspects of MDR TB Management, Dr. Muhammad Asif discussed Short course Regimen for DR TB management and Dr. Darakhshan Badar evaluated TB management in Prisons.

In Session 3; Prof. Zafar Hussain Iqbal disussed Sleep Apnea Syndrome, Dr. Alyscia Cheema talked about Ocular manifestation and Lung disease, Dr Mosavir Ansarie gave DPLD's updates on diagnosis and mgmt. Dr Ali Abbas discussed pulmonary embolism and Dr Muhammad Irfan analysed the Pulmonary complications in Connective Tissue disease.

The Session 4 featured; Dr. Talha Mehmud's lecture on Blind Pleural Biopsy, Dr. Asif Asghar's deliberations on Bridghing the gap between thoracic surgery and pulmonology, Dr Waqar Ahmed discussed Pulmonary reection in Aspergilloma, Dr. Niaz Soomro talked about Chest Tube intubation, and Dr Shereen Khan discussed Bronchiectasis from Bench to bedside.

The Day 2 of the moot featured learned Chairpersons like; Prof. Nizam Bokhari, Prof Zafar Ali Syed, Dr Tahir Saeed and Prof Shamshad Rasool Awan alongwith secretaries including Dr. Asif Naseem, Dr Masroor Ali Khan Afridi, Dr Shafi Mohammad and Dr. Zafaryab Hussain. The speakers during session-5 were; Prof. Abdur Rab Khan discussing CAP new approach, Dr Shazli Manzoor talked about ARDS the therapeutic dilemma, Prof Zubair Shaheen on management of Intractable cough. Prof Javaid A Khan explained Why COPD is increasing and Dr Kausar Jabeen discussed Pulmonary Mycosis in Pakistan. During Session 6; Dr Ejaz Qadeer talked about DOTS in Pakistan, Dr Sabira Tahseen elaborated on Lab Network of NTP and the EQA mechanism. DrZafar Iqbal Toor highlighted a Programmatic approach to  DR TB. Dr Hussain Hadi on PPM and TB Control. Mr Jeff Buck discussed Latent TB as a neglected issue.

The session 7 featured; Dr Muhammad Hussain on Decision Making of Lung Cancer, Dr Kamran Ahmed on Robotic Radio Surgery in early lung cancer, Dr Afia Zafar on Infection control in community, Dr sharaf Ali Shah on emerging threats of TB & HIV. The session 8 comprised of lectures by Prof Wasim Memon on Radiology in TB, Dr Arif Mateen on Modern imaging and pulmonary medicine, Prof Tariq Mehmood on Role of ultrasound  and Prof M Tameem Akhtar on Clinical relevance of HRCT of Chest physicians.

The session 9 towards the end of the conference featured a briefing given by Dr Aamir Khan about a programme for screening of 9 million people in Karachi for Lung Health and Diabetes using digital equipment. The discussion engaged Dr Amanullah Ansari, Dr. Sohail Akhtar Prof Javaid Khan and Dr Asmat Ara. Before the colorful closing ceremony, a Clinical Grand-Round was also conducted by Dr Ali Zubair.



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