Another Suspected Case of Ebola in Karachi

admin 02:14 PM, 1 Dec, 2014

Islamabad: According to a press release issued by WHO, a 45 year old Pakistani National landed at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi from Liberia and was taken to the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre owing to his poor health.

The patient was on a 2 day trip to Liberia, and upon entering the Jinnah International Airport, was immediately identified via Ebola Response Standard Operating Procedures at Ports of Entry authorities, an initiative of the WHO as part of the recently deployed Expert Assessment Mission.

According to the history presented by the patient, there was no direct contact with any an infected person during the trip. However, upon arriving at the Karachi airport, the patient had fever and weakness.

The WHO, NHSRC and Health Department Government of Sindh have adopted immediate measures in the regard. As per Ebola detection and management protocol, the patient was isolated at the airport and a comprehensive health and contact history was taken by experts. He was then transported to the Jinnah post Graduate Medical Center which has been designated by authorities as the official reference centre for all suspected cases of Ebola virus in Sindh. The the Hospital, the patient was kept in an isolation ward and infection control measures were immediately implemented to acquire blood samples. A Rapid Ebola Response Team was deployed to gather complete and authentic family, travel and contact history of the patient, and to take protective measures accordingly.

The WHO warehouse has stocked a complete range of Personal Protective Equipment type-B (compatible with Ebola patient management) and has dispatched it to Karachi. The Organization will monitor the case closely, revealing updates and developments to the press regularly.

The WHO, NHSRC and Ministry of National Health Services has commended the efforts of the airport authorities in identifying the potential case and taking immediate measures to ensure isolation and safe transportation to the designated medical facility.

Officials at WHO maintain that the likelihood of Ebola disease development is low with no history of contact with an infected person and have called for evidence based communication only, by authorized sources.



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