Beware of face creams, you may lose your eyesight

02:01 PM, 1 Dec, 2022
Beware of face creams, you may lose your eyesight

MINNESOTA: A woman in Minnesota, has reportedly lost peripheral vision, and exposed her family members to Mercury poisoning as a result of toxic levels of Mercury present in the beauty cream she used.

According to the medical experts at the Minnesota Poison Control System, a visit to the woman's home revealed that shockingly high levels of Mercury were present in the children's bedroom, bedding, towels and laundry room.

The woman was reportedly presented to multiple doctors complaining of insomnia, leg pain, muscle weakness, fatigue and loss of peripheral vision. Laboratory tests also revealed high levels of Mercury in the woman's blood and urine.

Toxicologists worry that this may not be the only case of Mercury poisoning and that many other women using skin or healthcare products with high levels of Mercury content may be at risk of similar circumstances.



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