Estimated 210,000 people living with HIV in Pakistan 

MN Report 12:00 PM, 1 Dec, 2022
Estimated 210,000 people living with HIV in Pakistan 

KARACHI: World AIDS Day is being observed all over the world, including Pakistan, which is an incurable disease.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the prevention of this disease. 1st December is being celebrated as AIDS Day globally, which is an incurable disease

The Pakistan Infection Control Society said that the number of HIV-infected patients in Pakistan is currently 210,000 out of which 170,000 are men, 41,000 are women and 4,600 are children.

According to the estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), every year 2.7 million people are infected with the AIDS virus, HIV. In the last three decades, 25 million people fell victim to it.

According to the WHO report, the total number of victims is more than 30  million.

According to the data from the World Health Organization, the total number of AIDS patients across Pakistan has reached around 120,000.

Pakistan Infection Control Society (PICS) data showed that there has been a 75 percent increase in AIDS cases in Pakistan from 2010 to 2019. While last year, one person worldwide was infected with HIV every 2 minutes and one person died every minute.

The PICS reports further state that the number of people who inject drugs in Pakistan contributes 35 percent to the prevalence of HIV, while the number of sex workers is 30 percent and the number of transgender is 14 percent.

The Pakistan Infection Control Society informed more about this disease and said that the main reason for the spread of AIDS is sexual immorality, besides unsafe blood transfusion, used surgeons and the use of contaminated razor blades are also the cause of the spread of this disease.



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