Pakistan’s 'Monsoon on steroids' brings serious health crisis: WHO

Dr Maliha Malik 04:26 PM, 1 Sep, 2022
Pakistan’s 'Monsoon on steroids' brings serious health crisis: WHO

ISLAMABAD: WHO has reported that the rains have had drastic consequences in Pakistan, affecting almost 33 million people in 116 districts across the country.

WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu has stated that the organization considers this situation a grade 3 emergency. This is the highest level in their grading system. All sectors of WHO, along with the Geneva headquarters, are collaborating to respond to the emergent issue.

WHO addressed the situation by stating that about three-quarters of all the districts of Pakistan are affected by the floods, a total of 33 million people have been struck by devastating consequences post Monsoon.

About 1000 people have been killed, 1500 have been injured and about 161,000 have now been shifted to camps.

According to WHO, the floods have wreaked havoc in rural areas and a sudden outbreak of infectious diseases is evident amongst the people. Of these diseases, dengue, malaria, acute watery diarrhea as well as Covid 19 can be observed.

Pakistan is also yet to eradicate instances of polio from the population. With the prediction of more rains and worsening flood conditions, the incidences of these diseases shall further increase.

“WHO is working with health authorities to respond quickly and effectively. Our key priorities are to ensure rapid access to essential health services to the flood-affected population and to strengthen as well as expand outbreak prevention and control to ensure robust health cluster coordination,” said Dr. Palitha Mahipala, WHO Representative in Pakistan.

The UN has begun a $160 million appeal for Pakistan. Mr Tedros has also released $10 million from the WHO emergency fund in response to the dire flood situation in the country.

Dr Maliha Malik

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