Filthy environment prevails in front of LGH

admin 04:31 PM, 2 Mar, 2016

MN Report

Karachi: Filthy water gushing out from chocked gutters outside the main gates of the city’s Lyari General Hospital (LGH) and Ayaz Samoon Nursing Training Institute was not only posing serious health hazards to hundreds of patients visiting the health facility and the nursing students, but has also created unhygienic environment in the vicinity of both the institutes.

An official of LGH said that the overflowing gutters outside the main entrances of the hospital and the nursing institute have become a permanent source of nuisance for doctors, paramedics, nurses, patients and their attendants.

“Severity of the issue could be gauged from the fact that major portion of the road where the LGH and the nursing institutes are located often remain inundated with sewage water,” the official added.

Deploring that no civic agency, including Karachi Municipal Corporation, was taking any interest to rectify the fault responsible for overflowing gutters, he said that though the management of both the institutions often deploy their own sanitary staff for draining out the stagnant sewage water, the issue will remain there as long as the fault responsible for chocked gutters was not rectified by the concerned authorities.

He said poor unhygienic conditions all around the hospital and nursing institute has exposed the working of the municipal organizations responsible for ensuring cleanliness in the city and maintenance of its sewerage system.



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