Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association did not blackmail DRAP

MN Report 02:33 PM, 4 Oct, 2022
Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association did not blackmail DRAP

KARACHI: The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association did not blackmail the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). 

The pharmaceutical business halted the distribution of certain medications and sold them at inflated rates. In addition, numerous warehouses were searched by DRAP, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of pharmaceuticals were confiscated. Additionally, DRAP is extorted by supplying less. Kaukab Iqbal, chairman of the Consumer Association of Pakistan, stated this while speaking with media representatives at the CAP headquarters. 

It has been asserted that drug costs have escalated unjustifiably in recent years. Now that the Federal Ministry of Health has refused to raise drug costs, the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association has extorted DRAP into granting a one-week reprieve. 

According to Kaukab Iqbal, the increase in the cost of medications is unacceptable because people are already suffering from dengue and other infections. The entire nation's hospitals are overrun with dengue patients, and many are concerned about treating their loved ones. Yet, the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association asserts that it will independently establish drug costs, which is untrue. This is DRAP's product. If they do not reform and assure the availability of affordable life-saving and pain-relieving medications, a lawsuit will be brought against them in consumer court. He added that people in the provinces of Sindh are anxious about the floods, as water continues to accumulate in their homes, causing the spread of sickness, the lack of food, and the inability to afford life-saving medications. 

Kaukab Iqbal stated that persons linked with the pharmaceutical sector had earned millionaires during the past two decades. Certain black wolves sold expired medication. According to him, the pharmaceutical business throughout Pakistan has incentivized physicians to sell more of its drugs than the Messiah by making them commission agents. There are several substandard drugs on the market. He asked that all pharmacies and the quality of each pharmaceutical sector be inspected. 

Kaukab Iqbal clarified that there are fundamental health problems due to epidemic diseases in flood-affected areas. The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association has reduced the supply of medicines in conditions and increased the prices of the drugs themselves as part of its corporate social responsibility. 

The Pakistan Association strongly condemns such actions. They said that, according to information, counterfeit medications, including Keflam, Velosef Capsules, Azomexi, Meronium Injection, Zenax, Risek, Dexo Capsules, and Dicloran, had spread throughout the nation. 

Who is accountable for these counterfeit medicines? Who is the provider supplying these counterfeit drugs at the pharmacy? He stated that individuals lose their lives due to counterfeit drugs. He asked that counterfeit medications and their offenders be harshly punished.



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