PMC President resigns

MN Report 04:20 PM, 6 Dec, 2022
PMC President resigns

KARACHI: President of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) Dr Naushad Ahmed Sheikh, has formally announced his resignation. 

Talking to journalists, Dr Naushad Sheikh said that he was not satisfied with working at PMC due to his other commitments and inability to give enough time to PMC.  

He said that he resigned on November 22 and stopped going to the office and is not sure whether the health minister has accepted the resignation yet or not. 

Dr Naushad Ahmed Shaikh said, “I am always ready to serve any institution in the country for the improvement of medical education and health services where I have the support of higher authorities and political commitment.” 

The President of PMC said that he resigned from the post of PMC President due to his personal reasons and commitments and handed it over to the Federal Health Minister. 

He said the differences with the Federal Minister of Health are not valid. All these rumours about misunderstandings between the two are not true.



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