Conclusive evidence not found against Korangi gang rape case

MN Report 06:07 PM, 7 Sep, 2022
Conclusive evidence not found against Korangi gang rape case

KARACHI: Posts, videos as well as pictures circulating social media regarding the gang rape case in Korangi unit 4 have suddenly emerged on 6th September 2022. 

A social media uproar has surfaced recently on the subject of a gang rape case at a reputable garment manufacturing company in Korangi.  However, adequate evidence to support the authenticity were not found.

The incident stated that a female employee, working at a renowned denim manufacturer, Artistic Milliners was asked to stay back, after which 20 – 22 men in the HR department sexually assaulted her. The incident claimed the female tried to free herself but eventually succumbed to her wounds and passed away.

On this issue, Deputy Inspector General East, Muqaddas Haider, while speaking to Dawn News, commented that the Police has investigated the issue and no victim has come out thus far. Factory workers claim that these are rumours, spread in order to defame them. Another Super Intendant of Police has also reported that this is “fake news”.



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