Government defers vaccine implementation

MN Report 11:26 AM, 8 Dec, 2021
Government defers vaccine implementation

PHOENIX: The administration of Phoenix had recently stated that they had deferred the implementation of a vaccination mandate for public employees.

The city had previously officially confirmed the mandate, citing President Joe Biden's executive order. However, in a tweet, authorities claimed the mandate had been temporarily halted due to a recent federal court's decision that temporarily blocked a necessity for all federal contract workers to get immunized against COVID-19.  

Jeff Barton, City Manager of Phoenix, asserted that the city had delayed the implementation due to a recent verdict. They regarded each and every one of their workers and respected their freedom of choice, religious liberty, and other convictions. He added that the administration also had a responsibility to ensure that the city followed all applicable state and federal laws.

According to the news source, as a result, hundreds of city workers assembled to oppose the requirement after the announcement of the verdict. Some family members of city workers claimed they were really dissatisfied after the halt was declared.



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