Dr Essa’s Lab organizes CME on ‘Ilizaroy Technique’

admin 12:45 PM, 9 Jan, 2015

KARACHI - Dr Essa’s Laboratory & Diagnostic Center recently organized seminar on ‘Ilizaroy Technique’ and ‘Management of Joints Pain’ on the eve of its 300th Continuing Medical Education(CME) the other day.

Madam Essa while addressing the CME seminar expressed her satisfaction over organizing the 300th CME seminar, recalling that Essa Laboratory in 1987 had started its journey with a sense of sincerity to serve the peoples.

Of the aim behind organizing the CME seminars, She said it was mainly to introduce young doctors to the modern technology and advancement in health sector thereby enhancing their capability and skill.

‘Essa Lab has been winning the best lab awards for the last eight years,’ madam Essa said, attributing it to the hard work and dedication of lab team.

DUHS’s Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Syed Itaat Hussain Zaidi briefly highlighted the various aspects of “ILIZAROY TECHNIQUE” in the orthopedic field, saying that with the Ilizaroy technique and apparatus- the bone is fixed with small caliber trans-osseous wires, which are affixed to ring and tensioned to increase their rigidity.

Energy used to transect the bone: Power saw and high speed burr instruments can cause thermal necrosis of bone. The osteotomy is performed through a small incision in the periosteum which is elevated approximately 1 cm.

Ilizaroy technique has many advantages, previously not known. As the medical science is advancing apace, bringing in many new things to suit a particular case has become the order of the day. Ilizaroy technique has as such been develop to ease the patient’s condition and miseries. Its advantages are many as may be seen as under:

  • Blood-less surgery
  • Knife-less surgery, to a greater extent
  • Early mobility of patients
  • Easy to adjust postoperatively and accordingly
  • Minimization of surgical scar
  • Avoids necessity for internal fixation and bone grafting
  • Apparatus can be removed without general anesthesia

It should be kept in mind that with the passage of time the Ilizaroy technique would be improved for yet better results or some new inventions may find their way.     

Other eminent personalities present on the occasion were: Syed Mishkat Ali Jafri, Principal Scientific Officer, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority; Haji Samad Pardesi, Kamaluddin, Yousuf Aba Ali, Dr Hassan Zaheer,  Barkat Ali , Dr Irfan, Adil Ishrat and Sikander  Abdul Sattar.

Spread across Karachi city, Dr Essa’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Centers are offering CT scan, computerized digital X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, color Doppler,  ECG, OPG, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center and others.  



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