PMA expresses concern over misuse of N-95 masks and other items

Dr Muattar Hanif 02:45 PM, 10 Apr, 2020
KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has observed that protective items required for healthcare providers working for corona or non-corona patients are being misused. Particularly the misuse of the N-95 masks has been observed by a large number of members of the PMA and the general public.

Secretary-General, Pakistan Medical Association (Centre), Dr S M Qaisar Sajjad, in his statement said, these days politicians and bureaucrats are often seen wearing the N-95 mask during their meetings and visits. In contrast, health professionals are facing a dire shortage of N-95 masks and PPE. It is important to note that the N-95 mask is not necessary for everybody. It is only needed in the quarantine and isolation facilities for the health providers who are treating coronavirus patients and are at the highest risk of acquiring the coronavirus. Doctors should be protected as they are the frontline soldiers against the coronavirus.

He said "there are different types of masks available for healthcare providers and the general public. The general public can use handmade, washable masks, which should be washed after every use. Surgical masks are for healthcare workers who are treating non-corona patients at primary care level and while performing surgeries."

He urged the media to play their due role to increase awareness amongst the masses surrounding this cause.

-MN Report



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