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10 New Chest Pain Units to be Established Across Karachi City

KARACHI- The management of National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) has decided to establish 10 more Chest Pain Units (CPUs) throughout the city of Karachi.

 All thanks to the previously functioning CPUs of NICVD Karachi, lives of more than 5,000 cardiac patients have been saved over a span of one year. These patients were provided with timely first aid to stabilize their condition, before dispatching them to main NICVD for further treatment.

 During the celebrations of the first anniversary of NICVD’s Chest Pain Unit at Nagan Chowrangi, Executive Director NICVD, Prof. Nadeem Qamar mentioned that the seven Chest Pain Units of NICVD Karachi have been successfully running their Cardiac-Emergency Program, where many lives were being saved,

Alongside Prof. Nadeem Qamar, eminent cardiac surgeon, Dr Pervez Chaudhry, and other NICVD staff members were also present at the occasion.

Moreover, Prof. Qamar maintained that NICVD’s chest pain units were among the most popular health facilities in Karachi, where hundreds of patients visit on a monthly basis to undergo free consultations and cardiac care services.

He further stated that, “Last year, more than 116,000 people visited these seven chest pain units installed at different places in Karachi and got themselves examined by the cardiologists and heart technicians. Around 5000 of them had suffered heart attacks, and were given timely first aid by the doctors and were sent to the main NICVD where primary PCI or angioplasty was performed on them.”

Prof. Qamar urged everyone to visit these Chest Pain Units, in case of any heart related emergency.

It was revealed that since November 22nd 2017, as many as 17,042 patients suffering from chest pain visited the Nagan Chowrangi CPU, out of which 969 patients were provided with first aid and were referred to the main NICVD for angioplasty and other required treatment.

After the establishment of the new CPUs, the total number of CPUs in Karachi would become 16, while 01 Satellite Center of NICVD will also be functioning in the city to provide easier access to top-quality cardiac health facilities.

Dr Pervez Chaudhry added that in case of a heart attack, a person has 90 minutes to reach a specialized hospital where he or she could be provided with treatment but in Karachi, due to the heavy traffic situation, it gets impossible to reach a place in given time. Therefore, these Chest Pain Units are made accessible to the citizens, to make their lives easier.

Incharge, NICVD Emergency Department, Dr Zahir informed that alongside providing first aid to people suffering from heart attacks, these units are also helping people in controlling their blood pressure, as specialized doctors are present to provide appropriate treatment to people with hypertension, lowering their chances of stroke or other associated illnesses.


November 24, 2018

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