COVID reinfection is uncommon, but possible: Infectious Expert

Dr Muattar Hanif 12:30 PM, 11 Dec, 2020
Karachi: The chances of reinfection with coronavirus is very likely to happen. The true extent has not been known yet, but it is believed to be very uncommon.

In an exclusive conversation with Medical News, Dr Bushra Jamil Ali, Professor, Section of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine and Head, Section of Infectious Diseases, AKU Medical College shared that the though there has been a common misconception that the second wave of COVID-19 has been deadlier than the first wave, such was just a misconception. She said, “Right now, there is no pertinent evidence or information that symptoms are severe in the second wave [as compared the first wave].”

Will the mutation in strain of SARS-COV-2 cause even severe health complications?

Dr Bushra believes that the mutation in SARS-CoV-2 is a normal phenomenon, which will continue to happen in future too. "All viruses mutate at a regular frequency, esp RNA viruses. SARS-CoV -2 has mutated and will continue to mutate in the future. Currently, there is no evidence linking viral mutations with increased transmission or increased disease severity."

Should the government opt for lockdown rather than smart lockdown?

"Complete lockdown is not a good strategy to control COVID-19 infections. Only those strategies which are effective should be implemented. Smart lockdown is a 'common-sense strategy' which has worked for us and should be used to curtail spread during the second wave," said Dr Bushra.

Dr Bushra believes that only remedy to avoid contract COVID-19 is to regularly clean hands, consistent use of mask and physical distancing.

-By Dr Muattar Hanif




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