Typhoid Outbreak; Watch Out, Karachi!

admin 04:42 PM, 11 Feb, 2019
Karachi- There has been an alarming rise in XDR Typhoid cases in Karachi. This has put the health experts in great distress as they try to figure out a solution for this antibiotic-resistant typhoid strain. So far the outbreak has cost Sindh, 4 lives.

The Sindh he­a­lth ministry has asked all its drug inspectors, and related individuals and orga­nisations to ensure availability of two vital drugs that respond efficiently to the extensively drug-resistant (XDR) typh­oid strain that had affected thousands of people in the province.

In regards to the outbreak of XDR typhoid in Sindh, the provincial authorities have gotten involved in consultation with the World Health Organisation and other leading foreign agencies to ensure that it is controlled as soon as possible. Officials say that the typhoid strain in question is resistant to conventional and third-generation antibiotics, but the silver lining is that the two drugs are hugely effective to control it.

Extreme stress has also been placed on adoption of good hygiene and sanitation measures. The health experts have called upon the government to initiate efforts for better sanitation and free vaccination campaigns against typhoid, a preventable disease.

The major cause behind the epidemic has been revealed to be compromised hygiene in the form of unclean water and food from outside.

The public has been advised to observe the following steps for their safety:

  • Use clean water.
  • Boil drinking water before use.
  • Avoid eating uncooked food.
  • Make sure to wash any fruit and vegetable before eating.
  • Avoid eating outside food from carts, and other unsanitary places.
  • Be wary of the hygiene situation/cleanliness of crockery whilst eating out.
  • Wash hands, especially after visiting public places (markets, hospitals etc.) and handling money.



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