Indispensible Prof Masood Hameed made VC again

admin 05:59 PM, 11 Nov, 2015

MN Report

Karachi: Prof Dr Masood Hameed Khan is back as VC DUHS this time with an additional charge of the post of vice chancellor of the Dow University of Health Sciences.

The appointment of Prof Khan presently working as professor of medicine and project director, Dow Serobiological Centre, DUHS, was notified by the governor secretariat. The indispensible professor has now been appointed as the vice chancellor for the fourth time, which is against the Sindh Universities Laws (Amendment) Act, 2013.

In a statement by Dr Mirza Ali Azhar representing the Pakistan Medical Association he termed the appointment as a huge setback not only for those who are struggling for merit and the rule of law, but also for a prestigious institution like the DUHS and its students.

The decision had no moral and legal grounds as the law allowed only two terms for a vice chancellor, he added.

“What is happening is nothing but a cruel joke,” he said.

Prof Khan took the charge of DUHS vice chancellor in 2004 and took another term in 2008, which came to an end in 2012. He was given the third term in 2013 but in the same year the law on universities was amended and a vice chancellor was restricted to only two terms.

After three terms Dr Khan finally left his seat in September this year after that the government appointed Prof Umar Farooq for two days followed by Prof Mohammad Qaiser as acting vice chancellors.

Afterwards, Prof Naushad Sheikh, already serving as the vice chancellor of the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, was appointed as the vice chancellor of the DUHS.

This appointment was challenged twice in the court on grounds that it violated merit and presently the case is in court.



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