SHD provides medical assistance to 3.9m flood victims: Azra

MN Report 06:09 PM, 11 Oct, 2022
SHD provides medical assistance to 3.9m flood victims: Azra

KARACHI: Azra Fazal Pechuho, Minister for Health and Population Welfare of Sindh, said that the Sindh government and health department had treated 3.9 million flood victims out of a total of 7.4 million displaced persons in Sindh.

She presented these numbers with journalists from foreign media outlets during a meeting. This press conference aims to keep the world media abreast of Sindh's issues in light of the terrible floods of 2022.

Azra Pechuho said that she convened this press conference to discuss the health issue in Sindh caused by the floods and that there has been a change in illness patterns now that the water has been standing for months. She said that pneumonia and other respiratory disorders rise when the temperature drops.

She said that most hospitals are overcrowded with IDPs requiring medical care, and practically every OPD is operating at above 100 per cent capacity. More beds and pediatric units are being set up to handle the influx of patients.

Malnutrition, septicemia, inflammation of the brain owing to malaria, meningitis, etc., according to Azra Pechuho, is one of the gravest problems we face as a collective. She said that she is thankful to our foreign friends and donors who have sent medical help, particularly in medication, since we are not in the least deficient in this respect.

The floods have caused extensive damage to health institutions, rendering them inoperable; the equipment inside these facilities has also been affected.

Azra Pechuho also remarked that she is pleased that a mother and child healthcare centre was constructed in Nawabshah last year since it is being used this year to treat IDP mothers and children.

She said that she had convened this event to tell the foreign media about the complexities of the challenges encountered and the work of the Sindh Health Department.

Azra Fazal Pechuho said that JPMC would create a mental health facility with psychiatrists and psychologists and provide counselling through telehealth to district and tertiary hospitals across the province, emphasising IDPs.



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