Sindh Government Hospital Fails to Provide a Hygienic Environment

Haseeb Uddin 05:16 PM, 12 Nov, 2018

KARACHI- It has recently come to the attention of Director Health Services Karachi that the condition of Sindh Government Hospital, New Karachi, is extremely unhygienic, posing a threat to the visiting and admitted patients, alongside hospital staff and other visitors.

The administration has failed to improve the sanitary conditions of the health facility, leaving the state of various wards highly unsatisfactory. The interior of the hospital building as well as the equipment being used there both require immediate attention. The entry and exit ways are encroached by various means, which has been causing inconvenience to the ambulances and patients who are brought into emergency.

It was also noted that the hospital’s laboratory, emergency wards, TB and radiology departments, all were functioning below average and required immediate attention and remodeling.

The inspection team of Director Health Services Karachi expressed their indignation over the unsatisfactory sanitation system of the hospital, the encroachment issue, followed by poor medical and diagnostic facilities.

The hospital management has strictly been directed to work on improving the overall condition of the hospital.

Medical Superintendent, Sindh Government Hospital New Karachi, Dr Asif Zaman was not available to share his thoughts concerning this grave matter of importance.



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