Pakistan faces an increased prevalence of Breast Cancer 

PAD holds seminar on Breast Cancer

KARACHI- A Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar was recently organized by Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) for deaf women, at its Centre of Excellence for the Deaf (CEF) located in Korangi.

The seminar was attended by a large number of women from different walks of life.

Speakers of the seminar included Chief Guest, renowned surgeon at Liaquat National Hospital Prof. Dr Rufina Soomro, Dr Afsheen Javaid, Patron PAD Dr Saira Bano, Chairman Irfan Mumtaz, role models Zaitoon Khalid and Durdana Butt.

Principal CED Fazila Shamim interpreted all proceedings of the seminar through sign language for the deaf participants.

The speakers informed the audience that any mass or swelling seen in breast or under pit, any change in size or shape of breast, redness or thickening of its skin and nipple discharge, all can be symptoms of breast cancer that require women to immediately consult a specialist.

Women in our society usually reach hospital while they are battling with the second or third stages of disease. Whereas, timely diagnosis can reverse cancerous effects and facilitate recovery.

Furthermore, speakers mentioned that every mass doesn’t necessarily cause cancer, being benign in nature, or an early indication of chances of developing breast cancer in future.

Women getting married after the age of 40 or those who couldn’t conceive, mothers who avoid breast feeding their kids, all have greater risk of  developing breast cancer.

Some of the speakers urged mothers to feed their babies at least up to two years.

According to the healthcare providers, Breast Cancer is a genetic disease, increasing risk in women with a similar family medical history.

Since the percentage of breast cancer among young and older women is alarmingly increasing, women are advised to get mammograms, at least once a year. Women are also advised to examine their own breasts on a regular basis and consult an expert if they find any symptom.

Prevalence of breast cancer is higher in Pakistan as compared to other Asian countries due to lack of awareness of disease. Every ninth woman can suffer from breast cancer, as over 90,000 cases are reported every year in Pakistan with a mortality rate of 40,000 women.

Almost 10.02 million women are at risk of breast cancer in Pakistan.

Medical experts also suggested that women should avoid alcohol and smoking, lead a healthy lifestyle and keep their weight in check, avoid using hormones and radiations.

The awareness lectures were followed by a Q/A session and a skit highlighting our community’s behavior towards breast cancer, performed by artist Asif Ilyas and his team.


January 25, 2019

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