No Pfizer vaccines in Sindh

MN Report 01:50 PM, 13 Dec, 2022
No Pfizer vaccines in Sindh

KARACHI: There has been an acute shortage of the Pfizer Covid vaccines in Sindh according to a report published recently.

According to sources, people intending on making international travels are finding it difficult to get their booster vaccine doses administered, as well as their visas, due to a shortage in the Sindh province.

The Director Expanded Programme on Immunization, EPI, informed that even the backup stock of the vaccines has been utilized.

In a letter penned by the Director EPI, to the NIH, a request for the provision of more vaccines has been put forth, the letter also mentioned that resources have been diminished for more than a month and that replenishment of the vaccines is urgent. 

Earlier, the United States government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and in partnership with the Government of Pakistan,  delivered an additional batch of 8 million Pfizer COVID-19 pediatric vaccine doses to Pakistan.  

This shipment increased the United States’ donation to more than 78 million safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine doses to the people of Pakistan, including 16 million pediatric doses. The United States is the largest donor of COVID-19 vaccines to Pakistan. 



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