Report on Diabetes in Lahore

admin 01:37 PM, 13 Feb, 2014

'Around One Million Lahore-ites are suffering from Diabetes' 

From MNA Butt

LAHORE - 9th Feb, 2014: As many as 100,000 citizens of Lahore are suffering from diabetes and this figure may increase in future, if it is not managed properly. This was learned through available data at the Diabetes Management Centre of Services Hospital Lahore. The statistical data reflects that in the year 2000, Pakistan was ranked sixth in the world, with 5.2 million patients of diabetes across the country. With the growing incidence of Diabetes in Pakistan, by the year 2030 our country may be ranked fifth in the world with 13.9 million diabetic patients.

A researcher on Diabetes in Lahore has stated that the number of diabetics in Lahore city are increasing rapidly at a rate of ten percent every year. It was stated that; At the Diabetes Management Center of Services Hospital in Lahore, only 5157 diabetics were recorded in 2002. The same figure had reached to 60,823 patients in year 2013. This figure is escalating swiftly and continuously. The extensive spread of diabetes in the country needs some immediate healthcare measures and higher public awareness to control this threat, the report added.

It was observed that the ratio of diabetes spreading among women was much higher, as compared to the Pakistani men. About the reason of high prevalence of diabetes in women, the data mentions that; in many cases, women in the country have no opportunity to walk and exercise, as they are confined and within the premises of their house. Lack of exercise is increasing the prevalence  of

diabetes among women, and the ratio of female diabetic patients is observed to be two-thirds of the total number of diabetics in the country.

It was also pointed out that; Diabetes is increasing in the urban population, with a ratio of 10 percent, while the ratio of spread among rural communities is comparatively less. It was observed that sedentary lifestyle and obesity were also among the main reasons of faster spread of diabetes. Generally, the urban people in Lahore have less opportunity to walk and breath fresh air, as the footpaths have been occupied by vendors, parks are very few, small and insufficient to cater to the huge rising population. Over-work and rising stress due to the rising trend of dual-employment, among the lower and middle class, is also a contributing factor of reduced opportunities to get healthy brisk walks and exercise. Doctors recommend that; At least 30 minutes of daily exercise can help in leading a healthy life and lowering the risk of diabetes.



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