Karachi put on Naegleria Alert

admin 02:51 PM, 14 Jul, 2014
Karachi: Health department of Sindh put a high alert on hospitals of Karachi after 10 more persons have been diagnosed with silent killer disease called Naegleria.

Brain eating amoeba slowly affects the nervous system which results in death after few weeks. No proper treatment has been identified to cure this disease that’s why according to consultants’ 97percent of Naegleria patients die.

According to local media, the disease is borne due to insufficient amount of chlorine in the water. It should be noted that there is no chlorine present in water supplied to 40 per cent of the homes in Karachi.

Local media reported, provincial health department official admitted that the water being supplied elsewhere in Sindh is pathetically more dangerous as far as chlorination was concerned.

Swimming in public pools has been considered as one of a major cause of this disease due to improper arrangement of chlorination.

Similarly, sources said, the provincial health department is trying to establish a system to document the disease on scientific lines. However, no significant actions have been taken to improve the water and sewerage system of Karachi.



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