Naegleria’s spread out of Karachi

admin 11:07 AM, 14 Jul, 2014

KARACHI: Recently, two more cases of brain-eating-amoeba have been confirmed to have claimed their victims. One case each belong to Karachi and Hyderabad. As the authorities have confirmed two more deaths by the virus.

While chlorination seems to be the only prevention mechanism to work against the spread of the deadly disease, new case surfacing raise question about the quality of water being supplied in Karachi and Hyderabad and lack of attention given by the authorities.

While Naegleria’s occurrence have been witnessed in Karachi in the recent past, the authorities confirmed that a case has been surfaced in Hyderabad where a resident named Shakeel Ahmed died last weekend. Irfan, a resident of Gulburg Karachi also contracted the virus and died at a private hospital on 1st June.

Officials confirm that both were a victim of the same disease. Based on the recent cases, it is unclear what other cities in in Pakistan are at risk to exposure to Naegleria



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