Civil Hospital Mithi needs skilled nursing staff: MS

admin 12:36 PM, 15 Apr, 2015

Mithi- Civil Hospital Mithi facing acute shortage of skilled staff nurses causing hurdle to improve patient-care services in town’s largest secondary hospital and authorities should established School of Nursing to improve overall health situation.

These views expressed by Medical Superintendent Dr Iqbal Ahmed Bhurgari and Additional Medical Superintendent Civil Hospital Mithi Dr Raam while briefing the media person during their visit at hospital.

They informed the media persons that there are only seven skilled nurses available in 174-bedded Mithi hospital in three-shifts which are not enough to cater rising of patients. They informed that hospital was up-graded last year but required skilled nurses are not hired yet.

MS Civil Hospital Mithi Dr Iqbal Ahmed daily OPD has crossed 700 figure and administration is striving hard to cater rising of patients in hospital. He said around 200 children are provided consultation, treatment and nutrition facilities in hospital on every day.

He said remote areas, lack of transport facilities, illiteracy, unhygienic food, communication issues and water shortage are major causes behind current health situation in district therefore water-borne diseases are more common in Thar district.  He said 55 doctors are available in hospital in three shifts and there is dire need of skilled nurses to improve patient care in hospital.

AMS Dr Raam said 21 doctors including gynecologists and paeds specialists had been hired in hospital to fulfill shortage of staff in recent past and also to improve health delivery system in hospital. He said ICU nutrition and   nursery wards established for children in hospital.

Nutritionist Dr Bhawan said 30 to 40 malnurished children are brought in hospital every month and majority of such children recovered after treatment. He said various non-governmental organizations have been operating in hospital to improve health situation in healthcare. 

They stressed the need of hiring skilled nurses, increasing lady healthy workers role and training midwives to improve health situation in district.  

During the visit numbers of patients complains political interference and unavailability of doctors in hospital during rush hour.



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