Hospitals’ waste poses serious health hazards

admin 05:20 PM, 15 Jan, 2016

By Our Staff Reporter

Karachi:  Disposal of untreated harmful hospital’s waste outside the Sindh Services Hospital Karachi and Sobhraj Maternity Hospital has polluted the environment, posing serious health hazards not only tothe visiting patients, but also to the people residing or working in the vicinity of these health facilities.

Confirming that sanitary staff have developed the habit of dumping unsafe waste of Sindh Services Hospital, Karachi, outside its main gate on M A Jinnah Road, an official of the hospital said that the hospital’s waste which include used disposable syringes, drips, urine or blood bags, needles, fluids, etc, was posing serious health hazards to visiting patients, besides creating an stinking atmosphere in and around the health facility.

“As if it was not enough to pollute the environment, sanitary workers of Karachi Municipal Corporation are also dumping garbage of the nearby Allahwala Marketin front of the hospital’s main gate,” the official remarked.

Similarly, during a visit to KMC’s Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, located near Urdu Bazaar, one could see garbage often remain littered all around it. People visiting the hospital and those living in its vicinity are the worst sufferers as the sanitary staff had abandoned its previous practice of disposing of garbage daily at their designated sites.

Complaining about the filthy environment prevailing in the surrounding of Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, a patient visiting the health facility’s OPD said that it seems as if the officials of Sindh and KMC health department and EnvironmentalProtection Agency are least bothered about such dangerous trends.

The Sindh Services Hospital’s medical superintendent Dr Khalid Shaikh, when contacted, said that the hospital administration has brought the issue into the notice of secretary local government with a request to direct the concerned department to ensure lifting of garbage on regular basis.



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