What is Deskercise?

Ashna Waseem 01:43 PM, 15 Jun, 2022
What is Deskercise?
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While sitting at your desk, you may engage in "deskercise," an exercise that can be done throughout the day from your desk. There are many methods to incorporate extra physical activity into your daily routine, but here are 5 that are most effective. 

Why is deskercise important?

Getting regular exercise is critical to one's well-being. A person's health may be improved or ruined depending on how much or how little physical activity they get. Exercising has a plethora of advantages, including excellent health, a better mood, and higher academic achievement.

Siting on your desk all day or having sedentary lifestyle is dangerous. As a consequence of being inactive, one's muscles weaken and become out of shape. People's hearts and lungs will become less efficient. The joints of a person stiffen up and become more vulnerable to injury. Smoking is a health hazard in the same way that inactivity is. Following are the easiest deskercises you can do in limited times. 

Jog in Place: 

It's possible to do this workout sat or standing. One minute later, repeat the exercise. If you are standing, raise your knees to boost the intensity of your workout.

Seated Dancing:

It's quite OK to do a brief round of sitting dancing. There may be a cubicle or a door blocking your path. Let your hair down and let your heart rate soar for a moment.

Wall Sit

Stand against a wall for one minute with your legs straight and parallel to the floor in the "Wall Sit" position. Alternatively, you may complete the challenge in two separate 30-second sessions throughout the course of the day.

Wall Push-up:

Stand or sit approximately two feet away from a wall for the push-up. Bend your elbows and push yourself toward the wall by leaning forward until your hands are touching the wall. Push yourself back to the starting position after a few seconds of holding a push-up. Work up to ten repetitions.

Prayer Hands:

Your arms and chest muscles will tense when both hands are pushed together firmly until you experience a tightening sensation in your arms and chest. Double-check your work after 20 seconds.


Even if a person does not have any other risk factors for heart disease, a lack of physical exercise might cause it. Other heart disease risk factors, such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes, may also be exacerbated by smoking.

Varicose veins and spider veins may develop due to sitting for extended periods (a smaller version of varicose veins), producing a pooling of blood in your lower extremities. The majority of the time, varicose veins aren't life-threatening. Blood clots, which may be life-threatening in rare situations, can result from them. Hence, engaging in "deskercise" and physical activities from your desk is better.

Ashna Waseem
Ashna Waseem

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