'Thank you Coronavirus helpers' becomes Google’s top 2020 search trend in Pakistan

Dr Muattar Hanif 12:59 PM, 16 Dec, 2020
Karachi: The coronavirus outbreak, Google Classroom and PSL 2020 were on the minds of Pakistani consumers this year, according to Google’s  list of the Pakistan top trending searches in 2020, released recently. These search trends don’t reflect the most-searched for words and phrases across Google, but rather those that saw high spikes in traffic over a sustained period of time during the year, as compared with 2019. This paints a more accurate picture of consumers’ changing interests during the year than Google’s  top searches would.

The lists of top Global search trends had a similar set of results.

In the Pakistan, Pakistan vs England Cricket matchwas the No. 1 top trending search, followed by Coronavirus.

In order, the top trending searches of 2020 were: Pakistan vs England, Thank you Coronavirus helpers, Marvi Sarmad ,Coronavirus update, Coronavirus symptoms, Google Classroom and PSL 2020.

-MN Report



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