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PMA lauds Federal Government for banning public gatherings

KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) appreciates the Federal Government for banning public gatherings across the country. Under the decision, the PSL matches are also to be played without spectators in the stadium.

The PMA also appreciated the closing of schools, cinemas, and marriage halls, because the best strategy to fight against the coronavirus is to stop spreading it. The virus has reached more than 145 countries till now. Developing countries are facing more deaths due to the virus. While the pandemic is a serious problem, people must not panic because our government is taking the right steps to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, the PMA added.

The Sindh Government has performed very well in this regard by taking the necessary steps to stop the spread of coronavirus. They have already closed educational institutions till 31 May 2020. Additionally, they are establishing quarantine and isolation facilities in Interior Sindh at every district, added PMA officials.

The PMA believes that life is more important than all kinds of celebrations or gatherings. People’s safety is more important than anything else, and these gatherings can be arranged in the future. The people who have booked marriage halls should be refunded.

The PMA requested all the societies of different medical specialties to postpone their meetings, seminars, and conferences.

We suggest the government strengthens the screening process at all the airports and other entry points of the country. The quarantined facility established at Taftan should be expanded, and other required facilities should also be improved. The government should increase the number of isolation facilities by increasing the number of ventilators so serious patients of the coronavirus can be attended to. We already have a shortage of ventilators at present.

We have observed that some labs are privately conducting the test for the coronavirus. This is a sensitive test; thus, these labs should get a NOC from the government for conducting this test. The government should ban test conduction without a NOC.

People suffering from the flu should not go get the test done themselves and instead should visit qualified doctors and act on their advice. Do not pay attention to the information being spread on social media and follow the government’s advice conveyed by the national press and media only, they added.

People are requested to play their due role to stop the spread of the virus, and this can be done by adopting preventive measures only.

The PMA appealed to all Pakistani to follow the following preventive measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, such as not shaking hands or hugging, avoiding crowds, washing hands with soap properly after regular intervals, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

The PMA further suggested that the person suffering from flu-like symptoms should stay at home and should wear a mask to protect others. Additionally, they must use tissue papers to clean their nose and dispose them properly. Use your arms rather than hands to cover your coughs and sneezes, avoid sneezing and coughing openly, do not share your paraphernalia with others. Healthy people should keep themselves three feet away from the person coughing or sneezing. Most importantly, people must not panic. The COVID-19 is a viral infection; therefore, antibiotics should not be used to treat it. Do not indulge in self-medication, noted the PMA.

-MN Report

March 17, 2020

ONE COMMENT ON THIS POST To “PMA lauds Federal Government for banning public gatherings”

  1. Muhammad Raza says:

    Should COVID-19 is only targeting (School, Colleges and universities) ? Is COVID-19 friend of (Office workers, Shopping Malls)? It’s request to the government that Close all these places until Pakistan completely control COVID-19. Its for the future of Pakistan.


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