Sehatmand Sindh Program, soon to be launched

admin 11:33 AM, 17 Dec, 2018
Karachi- An introductory seminar of Sindh Planning and Development Board was recently organized, where it was discussed how malnutrition and stunted growth is a serious challenge for the children of Sindh.

It was revealed that as many as 59% children of Sanghar District, Sindh, faced malnutrition and stunted growth, while the overall rate of child malnutrition in Sindh had come upto 48%.

Speaking at the introductory seminar of Sindh Planning and Development Board, the experts mentioned that malnutrition and stunted growth in Sindh had become a very serious issue.

In order to overcome this problem, the Government of Sindh has decided to initiate a ‘Sehatmand Sindh Program’ in 9 districts of Sindh, including Sanghar, which would bring the alarming ratio down, from 48 to 30%.



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