SIUT holds seminar on organ transplantation

admin 11:19 AM, 17 Dec, 2018
KARACHI-  A seminar ‘Update in Organ Transplantation’ was recently held at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), where transplant surgeons, academicians and decision makers, from across the world came together, to emphasize the need for every country to develop a National Transplant Program, based on ethical practices, transparency and well-being of the patients.

This seminar was attended by Dr Nancy Ascher, Former President of American Society of Transplant Surgeons, Dr Francis Delmonico from Harvard Medical School, Prof. Dr John Roberts, Professor of Surgery at Transplant Surgery Division of the US and Prof. Adib Rizvi, Director SIUT.

Speaking at the opening session, Dr Ascher spelt out the global update on Organ Transplantation Program, including deceased organ donation in various parts of the world.

She called for mobilizing international, regional as well as national efforts to ensure that benefits of transplantation are extended to those who have reached the end stages.

She highly appreciated the services rendered at SIUT in developing a comprehensive network of specialized medical care in Pakistan.

Dr Delmonico, who also serves as an Advisor in WHO on matters related to organ donation and transplantation, presented the vision of WHO, asking the Governments around the globe, to chalk out effective strategies for providing healthcare resources to citizens.

It was also discussed that National authorities should work on regulating donation and transplantation activities by maximizing donation from deceased donors, and appropriate health care on long term basis.

Dr John Roberts also traced the organ donation and transplantation program and identified Croatian Model, which has increased to 61 per cent in the organ donation program. He stressed upon the importance of media and civil society in creating awareness regarding deceased organ donation.

Director SIUT, Prof Adib Rizvi, welcomed all the visiting experts and thanked them for sharing their precious thoughts over this important matter.

He highlighted the philosophy of his institute that has been benefiting our country for the last 47 years. The philosophy of treating the patients free of cost without any discrimination has been widely endorsed by society and shall continue as a perfect model of health, he added.

Prof. Rizvi also recounted the struggle against commercialism and unethical practices of organ trade and transplantation. He appreciated the efforts of his team and thanked them for their help in establishing a successful transplant program in the country.

The afternoon session of the seminar was addressed by Dr Rehan Mohsin, Dr Tahir Aziz, Dr Nasir Luck and Dr Haider Mehdi of SIUT.

According to the medical professionals of SIUT; annually, one person loses his or her life in our country, every three minutes, due to organ failure which includes 60,000 kidney patients, 90,000 liver and 20,000 of heart patients.



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