Every successful doctor owes to paramedics expertise: Dr Jamal Nasir  

MN Report 11:15 AM, 17 Feb, 2023
Every successful doctor owes to paramedics expertise: Dr Jamal Nasir  

LAHORE: The Minister of Primary and Secondary Healthcare, Dr Jamal Nasir, has said that every successful doctor owes to paramedics' role and importance in the health sector.

The minister was speaking to the media and the ceremony held in connection with the National Paramedics Say at Punjab Auditorium. He said that the government has no shortage of resources, only will to do is required among health officials. Dr Jamal Nasir maintained that paramedics problems are being solved on a priority basis. LHWs and LHS are being upgraded and syllabus are being upgraded in conformity with modern and international standards.

He said that the shortage of doctors and anesthetist being removed by imparting two months training to the doctors who would be given Rs 6000 stipend in addition to the salary for each anesthesia in a bid to offset pressure of patients in the teaching hospitals and facilitate them at local level.

 He lamented that around Rs 430 million cost medical equipments lying in the stores in the previous regime are being cleared and dispatched to the jails for facilitating the inmates. He said that billions of rupees development projects are being speedily completed.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the minister PSHD was presented with a shield by the Young Paramedics Association.



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