Affordable cancer drug launched in Pakistan by AJM Pharma

admin 03:46 PM, 17 Mar, 2014

AJM Pharma recently held a post launch symposium of their new product Capegard (Capcetabine) which is an orally administered targeted therapy for patients of metastatic breast cancer and colorectal cancer. This economical costing drug is manufactured by Cipla Ltd as a solution for majority of the non-affording patients. This drug not only comes from an FDA approved manufacturing plant, but is also approved by MHRA, which surely fulfills the commitment of AJM Pharma: ‘Quality drug at an economical price’.

The program featured several prominent oncologists from all the leading health care institutions including Jinnah Hospital Lahore (Prof Dr Zeba Aziz, Dr Capt Mubashar, Dr M Akram and PG Trainees) Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital & Research Centre (Dr Arif Jamshed, Dr Shahid Hameed, Dr Azhar Rasheed, Dr Ali Akbar and Dr Khalique PG Trainees) and INMOL hospital (Dr Abubakar Shahid, Dr Aamira shami, Dr Misbah Masood, Dr Farrukh Rasheed, Dr Rab Nawaz Maken, Dr Zafarallauddin, Dr Ayesha Anees, Dr Numair Younis and Dr Muneeb Nasir PG Trainees) and CMH (Dr Naeem Naqi).

The agenda of the symposium covered the experiences of consultants along with the involvement of the trainees, by thorough discussion of their clinical cases under supervision of the panel of experts.

Presentation on PET scan by Dr Numair Younis was the highlight of the event as it elaborated the key role of PET scan in managing upper GIT and colorectal cancers. Role of surgery in managing esophageal cancers by Dr Ali Akbar was a great source of knowledge. Role of chemotherapy in colorectal carcinoma by Dr Naeem Naqi covered all the aspects of disease management and was served as the main area of interest for all the participants.

The session on clinical cases was magnificently moderated by Consultant Oncologist Dr Arif Jamshed. The expert panel included majority of the senior oncologists such as; Dr Zeba Aziz, Dr Abubakar Shahid, Dr Arif Jamshed and Dr Misbah Masood.

The Questions & Answers session was highly interactive and numerous questions regarding the latest insights of treatment/use of Capcetabine in patients of metastatic breast cancer were asked by the participants and answered/explained by the speakers in an elaborative way.

In the closing moments of the event, participants were of the view that; Launch of low cost Capcetabine with proven quality will be of huge benefit to the cancer population of Pakistan and will definitely make the treatment affordable. After the concluding remarks and vote of thanks by business unit Head at AJM - Dr Usman Amin Butt.



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