JPMC observes World Anatomy Day

MN Report 06:10 PM, 19 Oct, 2022
JPMC observes World Anatomy Day

KARACHI: Basic Medical Sciences Institute (BMSI) of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) celebrated World Anatomy Day

The event was held at Najmuddin Auditorium of JPMC. Dr Shahid Rasul, Executive Director JPMC, said that BMSI has become very advanced in research and scientific production and is doing commendable work. The most crucial thing about BMSI is that its various research departments are now working on molecular-level research, which was not done before. He further said now the BMSI is giving better results at an advanced level. Dr Madhav Gramke from American Anatomical Research and Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy said that anatomy is the basic structure of the human body. Therefore, the importance of anatomy is not essential only for doctors but the importance of anatomy is also very significant for physiotherapists. 

Dr Sanam Ali, in Charge of the Anatomy Department of BMSI, said that since she came here, her sole mission was that doctors graduating from here should do quality creative work in research and science. She said that every year, quality anatomists graduate from this institution. Previously, only traditional work was done here, but now students are doing scientific research at DNA & Proteome levels. 

Students of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical College (SMBBMC) Lyari Kanwal and Hania presented a model on Visual Pathway and received first prize. In contrast, Zarmeen and Mahiwis of SMBBMC got second prize in Mitosis while Fahmina Raza, a 2nd-year student of SMBBMC, received the third prize for presenting the Hepatic Portal system. 

Professor Umit Sehirli of the Marmara University of Medicine, Turkey, Associate professor of Anatomy of SMBBMC Lyari Dr Ashok Kumar, Dr Ambreen Usmani, Principal Professor of Bahria Medical College, Dr Khadija Qamar Professor of Army Medical College, Dr Sara Khalid of Shalamar Medical College, Dr Shazia Qadri, Dr Bashir Sheikh and others addressed the ceremony. At the same time, Professor Masroor Ahmad and Professor Iqbal Afridi thanked the honourable guest speakers & attendees on behalf of JPMC for their participation. 

A walk was also organized regarding World Anatomy Day, in which doctors and students participated. 



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