PAMI Agrees Upon Revising Annual Fees of Medical and Dental Institutions

Haseeb Uddin 12:21 PM, 19 Sep, 2018


Pakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Institutions (PAMI), agreed upon reducing both Medical and Dental colleges’ fee, by a total sum of Rs. 50,000.

Previously, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and PAMI, collectively reached to an agreement based on increasing the fee of private Medical and Dental colleges, from Rs. 800,000 to Rs. 950,000. An admission fee worth 50,000 rupees was also set, with 5% tax.

It was also agreed that, students will be required to submit a wealth statement, income tax returns of parents or guardians and an insurance certificate to ensure payment of fees for the remaining duration, in case of demise of a parent or guardian.

PMDC and PAMI, both agreed over conducting admissions through a Centralised Induction Policy, and that public sector universities will be used for admissions so private institutions cannot ask for donations.

A 03 member bench of the judiciary, chaired by the CJP, was informed regarding the agreement between both the bodies.

CJP stated that, he wants well qualified and highly trained doctors for Pakistan.

He then added that, students should be able to get education at cheaper rates, but the quality of education should not be compromised. After which, the PAMI agreed to deduct Rs. 50,000 from the total, upon which CJP and the court displayed satisfaction.

The court directed both the organizations to not close down colleges and harm students’ future, but to make efforts in order to fulfill requirements.



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