No compromise on health of the animals: Murtaza

MN Report 08:33 PM, 20 Aug, 2022
No compromise on health of the animals: Murtaza

KARACHI: Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Administrator Karachi, Sindh government's Spokesman and CM Advisor on Law, said that there would be no compromise on the health of the animals kept in Karachi Zoo and Safari Park. 

"We thank the team of foreign experts for the unique surgery of teeth of a female elephant at Karachi Zoo. The surgery on the second elephant will also be done. After the operation, the elephants' health should be taken care of; the Administrator said this while instructing Senior Director of Recreation Raza Abbas Rizvi. 

The Administrator said that these operations are being conducted with the support of the Global Animal Welfare Organization Four Paws. For this purpose, surgery has been arranged at the elephant habitat in the zoo. 

Foreign experts and a team from Karachi Zoo participated in the operation. 

All possible cooperation has been given to the elephant operation team, and they have been provided with all the facilities due to which the entire work is going on satisfactorily. The female elephants, aged 16 and 17 years, suffered from an infection in their teeth and were in pain. 

This is a one-of-a-kind root canal that could not be delayed. During the operation, dead tissue is removed from elephant teeth, and the root canal is cleaned. The experts have used the latest method for surgery which is very harmless compared to the traditional method, and special instruments have also been developed for it. 

Dr Thomas and Dr Frank from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo Wildlife Research in Berlin, Germany, also participated in the surgery. In addition, the team of local experts has been instructed on how to clean the wound regularly after treatment to prevent inflammation and maintain wound hygiene. 

Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that the zoo staff had been directed to follow the instructions of the experts after the operation and to take special care of the elephants to keep them healthy and energetic. 

The Administrator Karachi said that apart from the elephants, the health and diet of the other animals in the zoo are also being monitored. If there is any problem, they will be treated without delay. 



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