PMC dissolved by PM Shahbaz

MN Report 04:12 PM, 20 Aug, 2022
PMC dissolved by PM Shahbaz

Islamabad: A notification issued in the Gazette of Pakistan states that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has withdrawn nominations of the members of PMC with immediate effect on the 19th August 2022. 

PMC was founded in 2020 after dissolving the former medical and dental regulatory body, PMDC. Recently, the PMDC bill had resurfaced and the Senate was to decide whether the bill should be passed.

The Islamabad High Court had announced in April that the appointment of members of the PMC, including Dr Arshad Taqi (President) and Mr Ali Raza (Vice President) was illegal. The court had instructed the removal of these members immediately.

It was also requested by the court to continue the daily functions of the PMC until the new appointments take place.

As published by the national newspaper of the country, The Gazette of Pakistan states that Mr Ali Raza and Dr Arshad Taqi , along with other members of the PMC have been removed from the regulatory body, with immediate effect. The PMC, has therefore, been dissolved.



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