All About Hamdard University’s Sports Week

Haseeb Uddin 03:55 PM, 20 Dec, 2017
KARACHI - Last month, Sports Week was held at Hamdard University for students of all departments and disciplines of the university. The event was organized by Sports Department of Hamdard University in which selected students from all faculties served as volunteers under supervision of staff members.

Both individual & team games were organized, and the BDS teams participated actively in almost all the events and put up a more enthusiastic and impressive performance than other teams despite limited number of students as compare to other faculties.

The event begun with the March Past by all the teams, with the group leader of each team hoisting up the flag of their team, as specific colours were allotted to each University Faculty/Department as well.

Vice Chancellor Hamdard University Prof Dr Shabib-ul- Hassan was the Chief Guest on this occasion. He advised the students to participate actively in such healthy events, which encourage the spirits of sportsmanship, discipline, healthy competition, and physical agility. He also mentioned that these activities will definitely help them to develop more integrated and corroborative teamwork in their future practical life.


BDS grabbed the first position in Badminton Competition. The BDS team also secured the second position in Cricket as well as in Volley Ball. Event among the individual events, BDS secured the third position in the 100 meter race.

A Prize Distribution Ceremony was held later, in which famous International Cricketer & former Captain Younas Khan was the Chief Guest.

He appreciated the efforts of the students to make this event so enthusiastic, colorful and enjoyable. He praised the role of Hamdard University & Hakim Mohammad Said for their endeavors and efforts for the betterment of this country. He said that sports nurture the energy and spirit needed for team-work, which is a key component of success, regardless of which field you ultimately adapt as your professional career. Dr Mehmood was the Coordinators for this event for BDS team.



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