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200 Million Important Health Opportunities in Pakistan With the Contributions of Deik


200 million important health opportunities in Pakistan With the contributions of Deik, Pakistan’s 110 million inhabitants, the capital of Punjab province, the Health Cooperation Forum and the Pakmedica Medical Fair were held in Lahore. 95 companies participated in the healthcare sector and signed the deal over $25 million… 08 October 2017 Sunday 12:35 – 0 reads. 0 0 Health Cooperation forum and Pakmedica Fair Prime Minister Şahbaz Sharif, Turkey-Pakistan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group chairman Burhan Kayakürk, healthcare Minister Salman Rafique, Turkey’s Lahor Consul General Serdar Deniz and Deik Turkey-Pakistan Business Council President and Pakistan’s largest Turkish investor, Coca-Cola Beverage Executive board member Atilla Yerlik’in attended a ceremony opened. 4-5 years took a big road Deik Turkey-Pakistan Business Council President Yerlikaya, Pakistani government in field of energy and security in last four to five years, big road, both trade-as well as increase in attractiveness of investment emphasizes, increasing stability and big against Turkey He underlined that Pakistani people and administration showed all convenience and support of love. After Forum, prime minister and health bureaucracy, which accepts all participating firms, support services such as cleaning, security, radiology, pathology and hospital waste management, as well as establishment of drug tracking systems and new The construction of hospitals, and improvement of existing facilities, said y looked very hot to cooperation of Turkish companies. During Forum and exhibition, Havelsan, SiSoft, Kaankerd, Tiga, Gazi Group and Turkish companies such as Sila signed Protocol for cooperation with opposing parties. Currently, with a solar and wind energy investment of up to 350 million dollars, Albayrak group in field of Zorlu energy, waste management and urban transportation, and recently largest Pakistani electric household appliance companies, bought Dawlance as Turkish Attracting attention to its growing investments in Pakistan, Yerlikaya pointed out that competitive and registered economy and economic appeal of Pakistan and power of attracting investors will increase furr. An interesting market Pakistan is not a border market like one, indicating that it has become a highly engaging emerging market, Yerlikaya, with a number of cooperation agreements signed between Turkey and Pakistan with developing confidence and security conditions in geography The two brors stressed that country has gained a mutually beneficial economic environment for businessmen. The main shareholder of Anatolian Group is Coca-Cola beverage, which is one of largest investors in Pakistan in last 10 years, stating that it is a continuous investment in Turkey, Atilla Yerlikaya, system as an investment of 500 million dollars and 6 factories has created employment with thousands of

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October 10, 2017

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