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2000 FCPS Degrees Awarded without Examination


ISLAMABAD: The CPSP has awarded 2000 FCPS degrees without any formal examination. When contacted by Medical News Pakistan, an official of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) said that these were honorary degrees, which were awarded to recognize the efforts of renowned professionals.

CPSP is known to have a very stringent training and examination criterion, after which a professional is either awarded with the College’s membership or Fellowship; known commonly as MCPS and FCPS respectively. An official of the PMDC revealed that CPSP is putting its reputation at stake by awarding such high numbers of honorary FCPS Degrees. The Professionals receiving the honorary Fellowship have never undergone formal training and examinations by the CPSP, as is the requirement for all general professionals.

It is being feared that the degrees are being awarded to secure CPSP vote bank for future elections. Regular Fellows of the college have demanded CPSP to formulate a formal SOP for the awarding of honorary degrees. They have also stressed that only a limited number of professionals should be awarded honorary Fellowships.

July 23, 2014

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