Sarah Gill opens new avenues for transgender community of Pakistan: Saeed Ghani   

10:58 AM, 21 Jan, 2022
Sarah Gill opens new avenues for transgender community of Pakistan: Saeed Ghani   
Source: Twitter @MinisterSindh

KARACHI: Saeed Ghani, Minister for Information and Labour, Sindh, had stated that Sarah Gill had made history by becoming the first qualified doctor in the country belonging to the transgender fraternity.

A handout issued quoted Saeed Ghani as saying that Sarah Gill had massively contributed towards the cause of giving due honour to the community of transgender in Pakistan.   

He mentioned that the Pakistan People’s Party was the only political party in the country that had taken practical steps related to governance affairs to empower the transgender community in the province. 

He said that for this purpose, the seats had been reserved in the local government system up to the level of union councils while quota had also been fixed for the transgender people in the government jobs in Sindh.  

He also telephoned Sarah Gill to formally greet her on obtaining the MBBS degree to become the first qualified doctor belonging to the transgender fraternity in the country. 

He said during the telephonic conversation that transgender people were very much part of Pakistani society. Still, unfortunately, they had been denied the social stature and honour they rightly deserved.  

He enlightened that the Government of Sindh had become the first provincial administration in the country, which had amended the laws to fix job quota and reserve seats in the municipal agencies for the transgender community in the province.

He asserted that the will and steadfastness shown by Sarah Gill to obtain the degree of MBBS had opened several new avenues for the members of the transgender fraternity to make progress in their lives.  



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