Lovers commit suicide at Sea view

MN Report 01:14 PM, 21 Nov, 2022
Lovers commit suicide at Sea view

KARACHI: A couple, entranced in love have allegedly ended their lives at the popular spot for couples, at Karachi's Seaview.

According to reports, Mirza Rizwan Baig (aged 30) and his love interest, S (aged 28), were bound in a forbidden love. Both the residents of Karachi, decided to end their lives by consuming poison, at Seaview.

A mechanic by profession, Baig, and S ended their lives because both realised their love had no hope. The two individuals were already married to two different people.

The two had left their homes, located near Soldier Bazaar to meet at seaview. When the woman's family got upset at her not reaching home for hours, both Baig and S called their respective families to inform them that we wished to die and had consumed poison.



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