Sindh Minister for Health inaugurates Chemico Bacteriological Lab at Services Hospital 

MN Report 11:03 AM, 21 Nov, 2022
Sindh Minister for Health inaugurates Chemico Bacteriological Lab at Services Hospital 


KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Health and Population Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho inaugurated a Chemico Bacteriological Laboratory that has been established at Services Hospital Karachi. 

The Chemico Bacteriological Laboratory (CB Lab) (Phase–I) has been established, strengthened, and upgraded by the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi on the invitation of the Minister Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, Department of Health and Population Welfare, Sindh Health Department.  

The CB LAB is equipped with the state-of-art analytical equipment to meet the requirements of the forensic samples submitted by the law enforcement agencies for the analysis/certification as per narcotic rules.  

The CB LAB is fully operational and is providing quality analysis of the narcotic and alcohols.  

 The laboratory is facilitating the law enforcement agencies of Karachi and interior Sindh regions. Currently ICCBS is providing the analysis services to the Health Department, Government of Sindh, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), and Pakistan Customs.  

The CB Lab is capable of meeting the quality analysis of the forensic samples. The equipment furnished at the laboratory include; automated HPLC systems with UV and PDA, gas chromatography system with Mass Detector, Microwave Digestion System for inductively coupled plasma heavy metal ions, inductively coupled plasma mass Spectophotomer, Kjeldahl apparatus for protein determination, double beam spectrophotometer, microscope, centrifuge machine, and other required instruments.

The lab is fully equipped for the analysis of narcotics (heroin, cannabis, marijuana, ice, morphine, cocaine) and alcohol etc. The lab is fully equipped with an uninterrupted electricity supply for the running of highly sophisticated equipment without cessation. The laboratory is also equipped with essential safety gadgets, and security systems including CCTV surveillance. 

The objectives of the establishing the upgradation of the Chemico Bacteriological Laboratory (CB LAB), Sindh Health Department by the ICCBS are as follows:

1. To provide a quality laboratory for the analysis of narcotics, forensics, and alcohols.  

2. To detect and identify harmful substances, including both pharmacologically active substances, and adulterants.  

3. To provide thorough, accurate, and timely examination of narcotics evidence for any law enforcement agency adulterants. 



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