World cup 2022: BMJ research suggests reconsideration of Concussion protocol

MN Report 04:46 PM, 23 Nov, 2022
World cup 2022: BMJ research suggests reconsideration of Concussion protocol


Qatar: A head injury venture, Headway has commented on the disappointing health protocols practiced during the Fifa Worldcup. Specifically, the England - Iran match. A new research now probes into the medical protocols carried out during sports injuries.

According to the research published in BMJ, Headway believes that the decision to allow Iranian goalkeeper, Alireza Beiranvand, to continue playing after his collision with teammate, Majid Hosseini, was “an utter disgrace”

During the first half of the match, Alireza, after his collision with his team mate was given the clear after observation to continue playing, even though he clearly seemed disoriented after the incident. The football player was only able to continue on for a minute before he was called back due to his inability to continue playing. 

CEO of Headway, Luke Griggs said that allowing football players to continue playing after injury was putting their health at risk. 

“It is an utter disgrace that the Iran keeper, Alireza Beiranvand, was allowed to stay on the pitch. It was irrelevant that he came off a minute later. He shouldn’t have stayed on for a second, let alone a minute. He was clearly distressed and unfit to continue. This seems to be another case of the decision being made by the player and not the medical staff. This was the first test of the FIFA World Cup concussion protocol, and it was an abject failure.”

Later in the same match, Harry Maguire was also called off the ground after being struck on the head.

A spokesperson for the FIFA World cup commented on the matter saying “While the ultimate responsibility in terms of concussion diagnosis and management lies with the relevant team doctor, FIFA expects all teams to act in the best interests of their players and their health.”

The American Football Association needs to take the necessary steps, according to this new research published in the BMJ journal, in order to improve its Concussion protocol, in order to best observe, diagnose and treat sports injuries. 

Continuance of sports play under tense medical conditions can have severe and sometimes, permanent repercussions on the player’s medical health.



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