Polio vaccination campaign starts in Sindh  

MN Report 11:15 AM, 24 Jan, 2022
Polio vaccination campaign starts in Sindh  

KARACHI: Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) for polio in Sindh had launched a Polio campaign to give oral polio drops from Jan 24 to Jan 30 2022, as part of the Sub-National immunisation days to around 5.8 million children under 5-year in Sindh province.  

The campaign would be conducted in 20 High-risk districts of Sindh, inclusive of all districts of Karachi, with a target of more than 2.0 million children.   

When there was a worldwide epidemic in 2020, the pandemic caused a pause in polio vaccination campaigns from March to July, leaving children with an immunity gap, which we have been addressing since August 2020 with back-to-back monthly polio programmes.

According to reports, Sindh had not reported a single polio incidence since July 2020. Pakistanis would continue to make significant progress if they maintain their current pace and do not become complacent. They know that communities in high-risk UCs need additional services, and new initiatives have been implemented to address this.

Children's immunisation is an integral part of combating childhood infections during the pandemic. There is little doubt that vaccination programmes have considerably impacted the prevalence of polio in the country.

As a result of vaccinations, children can be shielded from diseases like polio and measles. Philanthropists and government hope to increase public awareness about this by using the media to promote vaccination.

There had been a total of one polio case reported in Pakistan in 2021, making it one of only two nations in the world where polio is still an issue.

Pakistan's Medical Islamic Medical Association, the Pakistan Pediatric Association, and medical professionals from around the world agree that the oral polio vaccine is the safest and most efficient way to not only eradicate but also eradicate polio from the world.

In order to protect children from polio, the Polio vaccine is the safest and most effective method. When the teams arrive, please cooperate with them.



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