Registration of thalassaemia centres ordered

admin 01:39 PM, 24 Mar, 2016

MN Report

KARACHI - Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority’s (SBTA) secretary Dr Zahid Hasan Ansari has urged all those operating thalassaemia centers in the province to get their centres registered with the SBTA, or else strict action will be taken against them in accordance with law.

Dr Ansari said that though a number of thalassaemia centers operating in the province have been providing blood transfusion facilities to hundreds of children daily, heads of some of the centres were running their `illegal’ blood banks purely on commercial basis under the garb of thalasseamia centers.

He said that SBTA administration has chalked out a plan to register all thalassaemia centers so as ensure safe provision of blood transfusion facilities to children suffering from thalassemia.

He instructed the heads of all thalassaemia centres to get their centres registered with the SBTA as soon as possible, otherwise strict action will be take against them as per law.



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