A Smartphone-based Ultrasound device approved by FDA

admin 05:29 PM, 25 Jan, 2014

The future of mobile medical facilities is here, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves an innovative mobile, smartphone-powered ultrasound device - MobiUS SP1 Ultrasound System created by Mobisante, is available for commercial sales now.

As the medical device industry is striving to go mobile, the highly portable and tiny medical-scan device is now offering Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, to be used in the field. This device is easily affordable and much easier to carry and operate. It promises to scan and share images instantly, enabling remote consultations with other medical professionals at far away locations.

The captured images are smaller (480-by-480 pixels), for use on mobile phones, however, the device is not yet compatible to iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Due to its limited features, it is surely not a complete replacement for the traditional ultrasound machine, yet.

The easily device is quick and easy to use, expediting diagnosis and guide injections, aspirations and line placements. Since, 60% of the world does not have access to ultrasound facilities. This device will prove to be a game-changer, as it is portable enough to reach and operate in any remote region of the world. The MobiUS SP1 System easily fits in a doctor's pocket and is light enough to take anywhere. It can scan for more than 60 minutes on the standard battery and is easily recharged. So the doctor can take imaging to his patient's doorstep.

The fascinating technology ensures that the MobiUS SP1 is quick to learn and simple to operate, with a truly intuitive user-interface. Images can be readily stored in 8 GB capacity and quickly shared via secure Wi-Fi, cellular networks or USB port.

With the low price of the device, Imaging has been brought within the financial reach of individual healthcare professionals – everywhere. Now smaller, more resource-constrained clinic, facilities and healthcare teams can offer more complete medical care to the patients.

The device has been recommended for use in

Primary Care: Abdomen, Aorta, Kidneys, Gallbladder, Thyroid, Soft Tissue, Vascular, Small organs, Implants, Foreign Bodies, Bladder.

OB/GYN:Pregnancy confirmation/Dates, Viability, Placenta, Fetal presentation, Ectopic pregnancy, Amniotic Fluid Assessment.

Emergency Medicine: FAST exam to detect impact of trauma, Vascular, Small organs, Chest, OB/Gyn, Cardiac.

Vascular: DVT evaluation, vascular access and line placement, Carotid.



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