Leading NGOs gather to share national Schizophrenia statistics

admin 03:25 PM, 29 Oct, 2014

Karachi: According to World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH) an estimated 26 million people are living with schizophrenia globally, approximately 0.7-1% of the population is affected by this condition, excluding those that belong to broader schizophrenia spectrum.

These facts were shared by representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) during a press conference held at Karachi Press Conference.

Manager Communication, Karwan-e-Hayat (Institute for Mental Health Care) Sumera Naqvi said that living with schizophrenia involves the patients, their families, professionals or the consulting psychiatrist with the relevant staff, as well as the society in general.

She said symptoms of schizophrenia include hallucinations, delusions, disoriented speech and disorganized behavior. Schizophrenia is an integration dysfunction combined with psychological pain leading to social isolation and stigma.

Abdul Raheem Moosvi, a social organizer, informed that a joint forum of NGOs working towards the treatment, rehabilitation and awareness of mentally ill patients in Karachi is holding a program to observe World Mental Health Day on 29th of October at Arts Council Karachi. 

He said program is designed to create awareness on various aspects of mental illness health, in line with theme of World Mental Health Day “Living with Schizophrenia.”

It was the World Federation of Mental Health’s initiative to hold the World Mental Health Day back in 1992, he explained. He said that the Day is observed globally on the 10th of October in order to raise public awareness regarding mental health and related issues.



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