2982 typhoid cases reported in Karachi

KARACHI: Health Services Karachi recorded 2982 typhoid cases in Karachi from 1st January to 14th May 2019 out of which 1765 were confirmed to be typhoid/paratyphoid fever and 1217 as S.thypi-Ceftriaxone Resistant.

The typhoid fever and S.thypi-Ceftriaxone Resistant cases are being reported across the Sindh province, mainly from Karachi.  The S.thypi-Ceftriaxone Resistant is much more challenging to treat as compared to non-resistance typhoid. All reported cases have been confirmed through blood culture tests from Aga Khan Hospital (AKH) as this facility is not available in secondary health facilities run by the Sindh government.

Deputy Director, Directorate Health Services, Karachi, Dr Arif Niaz, said that the number of typhoid cases had been rising day by day in the city due to the consumption of contaminated water and poor sanitation conditions. He explained that typhoid is a water-borne disease, and its cases were being reported from all over Karachi.

He said S.thypi-Ceftriaxone Resistant cases were being reported in children, women, men, and adults in the city due to poor sanitation and lack of access to clean water.

He informed that the S.thypi- Ceftriaxone Resistant is an infectious illness that affects scores of people in the developing world and tends to spread in areas with poor sanitation. The S.Thypi-Ceftriaxone Resistant caused by the bacterium Salmonella Typhi spreads through contaminated food and water. Some common symptoms of the disease include high-grade fever, weakness, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, cough and loss of appetite, he added.

He advised the general public to follow precautionary measures like consuming safe boiled water, avoiding ice made with water of unknown purity, washing fruits, vegetables, and utensils with boiled water, and washing your hands before eating and after using the toilet with soap. Additionally, he advised people to avoid outside food and avoid self-medication in the case of illness. Always consult a qualified doctor and avoid consulting homoeopaths, hakeems, or quacks.


May 15, 2019

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