Top 10 medical technology advances: medicine in the future

Ashna Waseem 01:19 PM, 30 Dec, 2021
Top 10 medical technology advances: medicine in the future

A significant shift in the way diseases are identified, treated, or prevented might potentially save and lengthen lives.  Medical advancements are absolutely essential to society; they reduce disease's financial burden and safeguards healthcare systems.  As a result, various innovations have transpired in recent decades.

Medical technological advancement

In the second half of the 13th century, eyeglasses were invented, and stethoscopes in the 1800s. Mobility, a growing middle class, and an ageing global population are pushing change in healthcare, and the underlying technology is moving faster than ever. The medical field is getting exciting day by day. To gather and analyze large data sets quickly, we are on the eve of some fantastic advances in medicine. 

Read on to learn the top 10 medical technology advances that are the future of medicine.

Cellular genomics

Cellular genomics provides such knowledge, allowing us to understand better how cancer cells vary, how genetic variations affect treatment response, how we react to infections, and even how we create illness.

Brain-computer interfaces

Envision a retinal chip providing you perfect vision, a cochlear implant offering you perfect hearing, or a memory chip giving you nearly infinite memory.

3D printing drugs

The Food and Drug Administration, United States of America, authorized a 3D-printed epilepsy medicine named Spritam in August 2015. With this method, the powdered medicament dissolves quicker than regular tablets.

Synthetic food 

Tons of meat may be produced from only a few starting cells. Artificial beef will be available to the general public within three to four years.  

Personalized medicine

Human Genome Project data is making personalized medicine a reality, allowing researchers to determine the activities of every human gene. 


Nanomedicine is the medicinal use of nanotechnology, which functions on the atomic, molecular, or supramolecular scale.  

5G enabled devices

Patients' outcomes will improve as a result of better patient monitoring. It's already being discussed by futurists how 5G, healthcare, and robots may work together.

Digital assistants

Health data may be captured, analyzed, and used with the help of natural language processing and ambient listening.

Smart pacemaker

Using Bluetooth technology, pacemakers may be connected to smartphone-based mobile applications that patients can better understand and use.

Virtual reality

In physical therapy, virtual reality may assist patients in recovering from severe limb injuries. It can also be used to ease phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder via personalized exposure and treatment.

The bottom line

It's impossible to keep up with all the mind-boggling medical and healthcare breakthroughs that are being introduced daily. But there were so many ideas and medical technology advancements that might provide us with a view into the future that it was difficult to put them all into one piece. Still, the article listed is some of our favourites.

Ashna Waseem
Ashna Waseem

The author is contributing writer at Medical News Pakistan and can be reached at



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